July 27th, 2009

Big Bossy FEMA

From today's Miami Herald:

Florida Keys try to save downstairs rooms in stilt homes
County is hoping a limited amnesty program will save downstairs
enclosures from demolition and keep its federal flood insurance.


Debra and Rory Brown were applying in 2006 for an elevator
permit to help their newly paralyzed son get around the Cudjoe Key
stilt home they bought three years earlier when they made an upsetting
discovery: Their downstairs enclosure is illegal.

And they're not
alone in the low-lying Florida Keys. As many as 8,000 downstairs
enclosures — from single rooms to complete rental apartments — have
been built illegally under stilt homes since 1974.

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This is all well and good and I hope it works. But why don't we tell
the federal government to keep their money and their FEMA out of
Florida? Then they'd have to leave us alone. Here's how we'd fund what FEMA does now. And, with all the money we'd save when we stop fighting that war, we could fund a host of other needed projects in the keys and Florida!

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