Meet Laura, our Swiss army knife and Project manager

Our CEO Maic Ungermann, is collecting funds for kids with serious illnesses such as cancer. The fund-riding season 2023 enters the finishing line a.k.a “The Tour de Paris”. In 2023 the finishing line is 1200 km and leads from Prag to Paris. Start today. It is the finale of this years charity project that started in October 2022. Over the months plenty of fundraising activities happened: Spin of Hope, School Run, Sing for Hope …Encouraging companies and people to support the collection for kids that suffer under serious illneses such as cancer was the focus during autumn, winter, and spring. To be a fund-rider you not only collect funds but you also need to train to become a rider being fit for the 8 days bike tour.

The tour de Paris 2023 is the big band, the fireworks at the end of every fund-rider season. Over 2000 participants cycled towards France and cover Paris in yellow on Saturday the15th July creating awareness for the common purpose: saving kids lives. During the coming days streets and social media will turn yellow to collect as much as possible donations on the finishing line to Paris. How about you? All donations count. In this case size doesn’tmatter and every cent makes a difference. You find the link below and you can also use PayPal if you don’t have a credit card.Our Ceo is a fundrider, he ride’s his bike to raise funds that save kids lives.


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