Our collaboration with KPMG exemplifies our expertise in end-to-end production, wherewe guide projects from conceptualization to the final product.

KPMG approached us with a unique request—to create compelling videos for their “MyWhy” campaign. The task at hand was to create impactful videos as part of their “My Why”initiative, designed to enhance their employer brand value centered around purpose at work.

Given the need to coordinate several busy executives and complete filming within just two days, meticulous project management and concept development were paramount. We began by carefully refining the campaign concept to ensure it aligned with the vision. Once the concept was firmly established, we streamlined production, ensuring not a minute was wasted.

Our commitment extended beyond visual elements. We also placed significant emphasis on crafting gripping copy that effectively conveyed the message. The two days of filming yielded a treasure trove of video material, which we molded during post-production.

The “My Why” video received an overwhelmingly positive response, achieving its goal of fostering a warmer and more connected atmosphere among colleagues. It serves as proof of our unwavering commitment to providing compelling employer branding content that effectively aids our clients in accomplishing their goals

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