Leveraging on a leading sport event sponsorship for brand activation

In partnership with our client, we embarked on a dynamic campaign leveraging theirsponsorship of a major world sporting event to promote their product range.

The campaign comprised two distinct yet complementary components: a brand awareness campaign designed to boost consumer recognition of the brand, and a dedicated cashback campaign, offering consumers the opportunity to receive cashback on their product purchases.

Our team collaborated closely with our client’s vision to develop captivating key visuals that seamlessly integrated compelling messaging. These visuals were strategically crafted for use across multiple platforms, including a campaign landing page, social media channels, websites, and print materials.

In addition to visual assets, our team of digital marketing specialists took charge of the social media campaigns. This involved everything from skillful copywriting to precise targeting and budget-based campaign management. We maintained an agile approach, continually optimizing and fine-tuning the campaigns to ensure the best possible results.

This collaborative effort resulted in a highly successful campaign that not only raised brand awareness but also engaged consumers and incentivized purchases. This campaign serves as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and creative execution in achieving brand and campaign objectives.

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